About Us

Each Totem model offers unique features, including air-tight designs in the Technika range, innovative configurations in the Arkiane range, and a wide range of sizes and configurations in the vast Classic range.

All of our products comply with the NF EN 13229 standards, and have a 5-year guarantee. The contemporary designs of the fireplaces are discreet, to fit perfectly with their modern surroundings. They are manufactured with specialist steel, allowing the appliance to resist the high temperatures, with the interior fitted with refractory bricks to regulate the thermal exchanges better.

We offer a complete consultation, design and installation service, and we can even calculate and install a flue system for your exclusive fireplace. All of our products are manufactured to the highest CE European standards and our highly trained installers are HETAS approved.

  • Woodburner in Fireplace
Exclusive, Contemporary Designs